Epiphany YR B (2018)

January 6, is the actual date of the Solemnity of the Epiphany. In the USA it has become a moveable Feast being celebrated on the Sunday in January closest to January 6 so as many people can attend its celebration. (The Eastern Catholic Churches and the Greek Orthodox Churches keep to the January 6 fixed date) The Feast originated in Egypt in the Third Century (200’s) predating the establishment of the Feast of Christmas, itself. Historically, it celebrated three epiphanies or “manifestations” of Christ’s divinity, in His birth through the shepherds, in the adoration of the Magi, and at His baptism when the voice from heaven said, “this is my beloved Son…”

Today, we need to reclaim a sense of who Jesus Christ is and what He did for us. (Jesus is under attack by a modern-day version of Arianism, a heresy that denies His divinity. The Dan Brown novels are an example.) We should find ways to reconnect with the sacredness of God and the awe that Jesus can inspire in us. The story of the magi might help in this.


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