Feb. 10, 2018 (Memorial of St. Scholastica)

(1 Kings 12:26-32) Jeroboam had been the prefect of forced labor (of the 10 tribes of the North) under King Solomon. After Solomon’s death, he led a revolt and had himself made King of the North and called it “Israel.” David’s son, Rehoboam was King of the South, now called “Judah.” So, the Kingdom joined together by David didn’t last and was now split. Jeroboam didn’t want his people to go to Jerusalem in Judah to worship, so he sent up 2 golden calves and proclaimed them god, an act of idolatry. (Sound familiar) Do we have false gods in our lives: money, houses, drink, drugs, sex, etc. Idols come in varied shapes and sizes. Look around and see if there are golden calves around that we may not even be aware of.


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