March 23, 2018 (Jer 20:10-13)

This is probably the most famous section of Jeremiah as he rants against God. Jeremiah would get frustrated and angry at God because of the many obstacles he had to deal with. Jeremiah often felt that God has tricked him,”You duped me O Lord, and I let myself be duped.” He felt deeply about the rejection he experienced and the punishments given to him for speaking God’s word. He had a message that no one wanted to hear. Jeremiah became keenly aware of what the people wanted to do to him. The people considered Jeremiah a traitor for telling them that exile was their fate, so don’t resist the Babylonians. This lament of Jeremiah has a glimmer of hope for him. He is confident that God is with him and that ultimately his enemies will not prevail. It is a matter of justice that God protect him. Typical of biblical laments there is a movement from lament to praise. When we go through difficult times and are persecuted for following God’s will in our lives, do we give God praise in spite of everything?


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