Trinity Sunday (2018)

The Mystery of the Holy Trinity is central to our personal and public prayer and to our faith. And, yet, the very fact that we call it a Mystery means that we will never fully understand it. Let’s examine this. First, let us realize that the word “Trinity” never appears in Scripture. Trinity is what we call a “construct.” It is a word that the Church uses to try to capture an idea. It basically means three in unity. Second, we look to Jesus and His discussion of His relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Trinity is the unity of these three. The notion that the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit are unique and individual and yet so united that they are one God is almost too much to think about. (Even the great St. Augustine of Hippo admitted he couldn’t totally grasp it.) And we couldn’t and wouldn’t think of it if Jesus hadn’t revealed it to us. (Matthew Chapter 28) Therefore, it is part of Divine Revelation.

The Trinity is a Mystery and we will never fully understand it, yet it has great ramifications. It helps us experience God’s love for us. The fact that we never fully understand makes us realize that there will be more surprises about God’s love for us to think about.


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