July 30, 2018 (MT 13:31-35)

Two more parables: the mustard seed and the leaven. These two parables are prime examples of why I draw a comparison between Jesus’ use of parables and a joke where the punch line is missing. I don’t mean that Jesus’ parables are jokes but that He invariably never tells how “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” He wants us to think about the parable and come up with how what He says is like the Kingdom of Heaven. So, here goes. We know that the mustard seed plant will grow anywhere and everywhere (sort of like monkey grass here in the Mid-South). People in Jesus’ time had to contain its growth. Moreover, one can look at the mustard seed as a big weed. So, how is the Kingdom of Heaven (God) like the mustard seed (a big weed)? What do you think?


1 thought on “July 30, 2018 (MT 13:31-35)

  1. In Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed, He speaks of a person who sews the seed in a field. That is not the way persons treat weeds.
    I have long thought that the mustard seed was a metaphor for our tiny acts of kindness, our very little acts of love. Once these acts are performed we have no idea what they will grow into or how our God will use them to do great things.
    Look at the life of the Little Flower. Her acts of kindness and love in the cloister had their effects on the whole world.

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