WK 21B (2018)

In today’s gospel, we hear of people leaving Jesus because of something He told them that was “too hard” a saying. Today, we face another “hard reality” with the sexual abuse scandal. Some will not return to the Church because of it. Please, I urge you not to turn from Christ’s Church because of these individuals. Christ is present in His Church, in His Body (the Body of Christ). He gives us graces and feeds us with the “Bread of Life.” In the end, Jesus is the Church. His presence is there despite what anyone in the Church does wrong. Don’t turn away like those in today’s gospel. It is at times like these that we must pray. Jesus said that certain demons can only be driven out by “fasting and prayer.” Ultimately, it is He, Jesus Christ, that will have to heal His Church wounded in its members. Jesus speaks to us today through Sacred Scripture and the Sacraments, particularly, His Body and Blood. He will heal us. For only He “has the words of everlasting life.”


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