WK 27B (2018)

In ancient times, women and children were vulnerable; they needed support. marriage guaranteed that support. Laws against divorce were saying that women and children should not be easily discarded like property. Jesus comes down on the divorce question squarely on the side of the defenseless (that’s why He picks up the little child). He knew then, as now, divorce hurts. He is saying don’t cast off them into poverty and need. Let’s fast forward to today. Divorces are rampant. That’s why there is marriage preparation classes but the results are not very good unless the preparation classes are grounded in a good faith-based community. This seems to make a real difference. Jesus used marriage as a model of God’s love because marriage requires a sacrificial love, exactly like Jesus’ love for us. You see, if truly committed, it never occurs to couples to stray. That kind of commitment is what our commitment to God should be. The marriage commitment produces life, and our commitment to God produces life, too, it’s called eternal life. Loving God completely is not easy; neither is marriage. However, how we do with one can be a reflection of how we are doing with the other. In marriage, we can learn to love. This was not lost on Jesus and should not be lost on us, either.


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