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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Father Russ,
    I have definitely heard of you before. I think it was the chaplain in Greene Correctional Facility NYSDOCS, Father Romano. Of course this would be 25 years ago and the reason i say I heard about you is the part about putting “The Beast within on a chain”, statements like that stay with you? me anyway.
    I have this dilema with the Billy Blake matter. Has nothing to do with his poetry, writing skills etc. It started out with me placing his character under a magnifying glass, and kinda took off from there. When I do things like that, everything else gets overlooked and important issues which could very possibly be addressed through my intelligence and experience are forgotten about. I go into attack mode, and I allow myself to end up sounding and acting no different then the person I am attacking.
    However, it only took me Three days to see this. LOL!
    I want to help the guy. It is something I need to do for myself. Also, if I can shut this “SHU” torture B.S. stuff down then think of how many others can no longer be subjected to this. What I mean is this isn’t about me, Billy Blake, or the victims and their family. This is about what’s right and wrong, period!
    I would like your input, whenever you get time if you could mix me up a batch of wisdom and share the recipe i’d appreciate it.

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