Aug. 20, 2018 (Prayer)

Midday Prayer

“God my Father, I pause now in the middle of my day to recall Your presence. You have been with me in all that I have done so far today, and I ask You please to stay with me until day’s end. Bless the decisions I will make this afternoon. Bless the people I will meet and those I will be working with the rest of this day. May I show everyone the same love and care You always show to me. Go with me, please, when I leave my workplace and bless my time with family and friends. May all that I do be done as You would have me do it. Thank You, my God, for all the graces and blessings You have given me so far this day. I believe in You; I hope in You; I love You. Amen.”


WK 20B (2018)

We continue with the “Bread of Life” discourse. The Eucharist is an incredible gift that staggers our imagination, but we know by faith that it is true. Only Jesus could have conceived of and given us such an incredible gift. In the words of St. Augustin of Hippo: ‘Receive who you are. Become what you receive.”

Aug. 18, 2018 (MT 19:13-15)

“The Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Having talked about marriage, Jesus now turns to children, the most vulnerable in His society. They were without rights and status. Jesus tells us that those like children who cling to Him are the ones fit for the Kingdom. Thus, we must be people who are dependent and trust only on Him.

Aug. 17, 2018 (MT 19:3-12)

Jesus teaches us about divorce and celibacy in today’s gospel. Jesus says that strictly speaking there is no divorce. The Pharisees quote DT 24:1-2 which says that a man can divorce his wife. Jesus replies by saying the exception is if the marriage was unlawful to begin with. (It probably is referring to an incestuous marriage) Jesus says that the marriage bond is insoluble. Jesus says that celibacy is a special gift from God only for some people.

Aug. 16, 2018 (MT 18:21-19:1)

Jesus’ statement to Peter and the parable reflect the necessity to forgive always. Why? Because God forgives us every time we ask for forgiveness and we need to become more like God Himself. In Luke 6:36, Jesus reminds us to be “compassionate as the father is compassionate.” It is not easy but we must do it!

Aug. 14, 2018 (Prayer)

Morning Prayer

“Jesus, my Savior, help me this day to welcome all the joys and challenges that come my way. May I remember that You are with me, always leading and guiding me. Even though I may forget You this day, Jesus please stay beside me that I may be a sign of Your presence within my family and among my co-workers and friends. May my decisions today reflect Your gospel truth and may my love and care be living signs of Your presence. When I am distracted, perhaps even overwhelmed today by the daily details of my life, please keep Your guiding hand upon me. I thank You for this new day of life, this time of new beginnings; thank You for all its joys and challenges. Amen.”