Aug. 19, 2017

Prayer to St. Jude for Confidence

“St. Jude, each day I have many choices to make-some small, some heavy, and all with consequence for me as well as others. Help me to remember that God always goes before me in any situation. And help me to draw strength from your examples of living your faith. Intercede for me, that I may build confidence in my ability to choose the best way. Thank You, God, for the peace of knowing You are with me. Amen.”

Aug. 18, 2017

Remember the film “Chariots of Fire,” and its catchy musical score? It was about Eric Liddell from the UK who refused to run the 100 meters race, he was expected to win the gold, because it was on a Sunday. He decided to run a distance, 400 meters instead because it wasn’t on a Sunday. He’d never run it before. Before the race, an American came up and handed him a slip of paper on which was written, “My Father will honor anyone who serves Me.” He ran the race with that paper in his hand and he won! “Those who trust in the Lord… will run and not grow weary.” (Is 40:31)

Aug. 17, 2017

“Forgive others,” Jesus said, “and God will forgive You.” We pray that in the “Our Father,” don’t we? The safest and surest insurance policy against the loss of heaven is to forgive others from the heart. Yet, so many have such a hard time doing this. “Blessed are the merciful for they will obtain mercy.”

Aug. 16, 2017

A pastor received a call from a TV station in Washington, DC. The caller wanted to know if the rumor was true and that the President was going to attend services at his church. the Pastor replied: “I don’t know the President’s plans, but I can tell you Jesus will be there!”

Jesus said that wherever two or three are gathered in His name, He is among them. Have you ever experienced Jesus’ presence while at prayer with others? As John Angotti might sing: “There is a presence in this place.”

Aug. 15, 2917 (Solemnity of the Assumption)

In our news dominated culture, we tend to view events historically. In this approach, the Assumption celebrates what happened to Mary in the past. Liturgy does more than recall a past event, it draws us into divine mystery where that event is present here and now. This is the “Good News” contained in today’s Feast. First, Mary was taken up body and soul into heaven. Second, Mary’s assumption reminds us that we too will someday join Mary in heaven. Third, Mary is not only the mother of Jesus, but also our spiritual mother. She prays for us day and night that we persevere in our struggle to win, as she did, the reward of eternal life. This is the “Good News” we celebrate in this liturgy. This is what we pray; this is what we believe.