Oct. 24, 2018 (Luke 12:39-48)

The faithful and prudent servant is the one whom the master finds doing his work when the master arrives. Thus we must be ready at all times for Jesus’ return. Are we using our time well?


Oct. 23, 2018 (Luke 12: 35-38)

Be vigilant for Christ’s return. James Matthew Barrie, author of Peter Pan, probably was very fond of today’s reading. Barrie wrote: “The most dangerous day in a man’s life is when he discovers the word tomorrow.” Why? He then learns procrastination. We don’t know when the world will end or the day our world will end, our death. How prepared are you for that moment?

Oct. 22, 2018 (Luke 12:13-21)

The man in today’s parable wants to be self-sufficient. He wants to make it on his own and doesn’t understand that this attitude leads to anxiety: he can never have enough. He doesn’t want to share. He is not dependent on God’s gifts. This attitude of his leads to greed. How much is enough for you? Do you realize that everything is ultimately a gift from God?

WK 28B (2018) (Mark 10:35-45)

Jesus calls us to a life continually directed toward service for others. Directing our lives to service means that we live not for ourselves but for others. How can we do this? We need God’s grace. I have come across a maxim, a motto for life, that I think explains it all. I wonder if you will agree? The maxim is: “our life is not about us,” “our life is not about us.” I think that just might sum up what Jesus means when He tells us to be servants. If we believe that our life is about us, we’ll look inward; take care of #1, ourselves. We’ll be like the Rich Young Man. But, if we believe that our life is not about us, then we’ll have a conversion- a turn toward God and others.

Oct. 19, 2018 (Luke 12:1-7)

They say that a head with blond hairs total 150,000 and brunettes have 125,000 hairs, and redheads, 100,000. Who knows? But, it puts Jesus’ comment into perspective that the Father knows the exact count. In other words, we are precious in God’s sight. To what extent do we see ourselves as valuable? What gives a person value in God’s sight?